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City of Walls is the epic journey of three children desperately trying to escape the clutches of the city of Kowloon. An endless labyrinth of conjoined buildings, hallways, alleys and rooftops controlled by vicious, violent, and ruthless triad thugs and gang members.

Mountains on one side and a desert on the other; isolated from the outside world. The three brave souls decide to run away, and they’re willing to risk their lives to do so.


An incredibly intelligent, creative, and angry child. He is the driving force of the group.
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A pragmatic empath, her childhood was derailed by the death of her mother. Joining the group starts her healing process.
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An easy-going but brilliant young mechanic he spends his time experimenting in the city’s junkyard with his own designs and tools.
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Check out a more detailed map of the Walled City.
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There’s no escaping them…
The night skyline of Kowloon - City Of Walls
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Meet The Creators
A.K. Lovelace

A.K. Lovelace

A.K. Lovelace is a New York native. He has been working in sequential and visual arts professionally for over 10 years. He’s worked in film, television, advertising, as well as publishing, as an illustrator, designer, penciler, inker, storyboard artist, and animator. He has inked with greats like Mark Morales.

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Shaun Noel

Shaun Noel

Shaun Noel is a graduate of SUNY Geneseo with a degree in Psychology and English. He has also had various jobs in the comic industry including a summer internship at DC Comics and Wizard Magazine. A mild mannered worker by day, Shaun spends his nights dreaming up stories of historic deeds and flowing capes. A veteran of Red Stylo Media, Shaun has written stories for the anthologies Shakespeare Shaken and Unfashioned Creatures. He also writes comic book related articles at Yaroos.com.

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